Get Involved & Stay Informed

Find out how to get involved in homeless advocacy with an organization near you. Here is a list of groups in DC working on issues of homelessness, affordable housing, and preserving DC’s social safety net.

Shelter Housing and Respectful Change:
It is the mission of SHARC (Shelter, Housing And Respectful Change) to engage the poor, homeless, formerly homeless, community activists and concerned citizens in advocacy efforts for the poor and under-privileged community with an emphasis on self-advocacy. SHARC meets every Monday at 1:00 PM at the Drop In Center at the CCNV Shelter, 425 2nd St. NW DC. (From the website)

Tick Tock Sheptock:
In this blog, Eric Sheptock addresses the latest issues facing the homeless in Washington, DC.  Sheptock is one of the primary organizers of SHARC.

Poverty and Policy:
In this blog policy research and communications consultant Kathryn Baer discusses policies that can reduce the hardships poor people suffer and investigates the causes of poverty.  She focuses on poverty in Washington, DC.

Housing for All Campaign:
The goal of the Housing for All Campaign is to win a housing policy in DC that would provide access to decent quality affordable housing for all DC residents at a price they can afford. The campaign calls on the city government to fully fund the Continuum of Housing. (From the website)

Save Our Safety Net/ DC Fair Budget Coalition:
The Fair Budget Coalition advocates for budget and public policy initiatives that address poverty and human needs in the District of Columbia. The Fair Budget Coalition accomplishes these goals by leveraging the collective power of its member organizations, including working with social service providers to empower those directly affected by poverty to participate in the advocacy process. (from the website)

ONE DC’s mission is to exercise political strength to create and preserve racial and economic equity in Shaw and the District. The organization has three main organizing areas: One Right to Housing, One Right to Income, and One Right to Wellness. They hold monthly meetings on the right to housing. To join one of the meetings, contact ONE DC at  (from the website)

Empower DC:
Empower DC works to preserve and protect affordable housing, ensure the creation of more affordable housing, and heighten tenants’ knowledge of their housing rights.  Empower DC does this through developing the leadership and collective power of tenants directly impacted by the need for affordable housing.   In 2012, the group’s focus is working with residents of Public Housing to ensure they are informed about their rights and are able to collectively address issues within public housing such as those related to displacement as housing developments are threatened with demolition. (From the website)

The Washington Peace Center:
The Washington Peace Center is an anti-racist, grassroots, multi-issue organization working for peace, justice, and non-violent social change in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area since 1963. The organization is active on the issue of housing rights and homelessness in DC.

Washington Interfaith Network (WIN):
Washington Interfaith Network (WIN), founded in 1996, is a broad-based, multi-racial, multi-faith, strictly non-partisan, District-wide citizens’ power organization, rooted in local congregations and associations. WIN is committed to training and developing neighborhood leaders, to addressing community issues, and to holding elected and corporate officials accountable in Washington, DC. WIN’s 48 dues-paying members represent 25,000 families in every section of the District and reflect its theological, racial, geographic, and economic diversity. WIN is part of ongoing organizing efforts for affordable housing and homeless services.

The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless:
The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless envisions a just and inclusive community for all residents of the District of Columbia, where housing is a human right and where every individual and family has equal access to the resources they need to thrive.  The group seeks to use the law to make justice a reality for our neighbors who struggle with homelessness and poverty.

DC Fiscal Policy Institute:
The DC Fiscal Policy Institute conducts research and public education on budget and tax issues in the District of Columbia, with a particular emphasis on issues that affect low- and moderate-income residents. By preparing timely analyses that are used by policy makers, the media, and the public, DCFPI seeks to inform public debates on budget and tax issues and to ensure that the needs of lower-income residents are considered in those debates.